• Ecoplast foundation

  • Ecoplast looks to the world of plastics molding oriented to the protection of the environment. It begins to produce the already known Rashing and Pall Rings, diversifying from the competition for the use of special materials such as Teflon, PVC and PVDF.
  • BIO-ECO born

  • Ecoplast in 1982 gives life to a project: Realize a filling body for the treatment of wastewater.
    The aim of the project was to replace the traditional fillings by overcoming the drawbacks of the same. Here comes BIO-ECO, with very high volume, low weight, high vacuum, maximum permeability and easy installation.
  • Turbo-Disc

  • With the experience gained with BIO-ECO, ecoplast has produced a biological rotor named TURBO-DISC. The aim of this project was the construction of a rotor that had to meet the following requirements: simple process control, excellent overload resistance, low energy costs, maintenance and limited volumes, direct oxygen transfer, high BOD removal performance, absence noise, no areosol, ease of transport and assembly.
  • Eco-Ring

  • ECOPLAST creates ECO-RING, the evolution of Rashing Rings. The item was created to differentiate and keep up to date with the times.
  • Wind-Eco

  • Over the years, market demands induce Ecoplast to make a plastic filling called WIND-ECO, to be used in percolating filters. WIND-ECO geometry has been specially developed and tested for the production of beds with a maximum wet surface in relation to their volume (hydraulic load applicable to MC 0.75 / 4.50 mc.) To allow WIND-ECO to apply other surface hydraulic loads and high organic loads (organic load applicable to MC 2/5 kg BOD5) minimizing any risk of blockage of the bed.
  • Headquarter and wherehouse transfer

  • In 2009, ECOPLAST transferred the production unit and offices to Lentate sul Seveso where, thanks to a dedicated warehouse of more than 4,000mq, it allows customers to have full availability of the required product.
  • The evolution with biogreen world

  • Ecoplast introduces a new filling body for mbbr plants, created to be installed in existing and underwater purification plants.
  • Bio-Crystal

  • Experience in the field of waste water treatment with percolator filters allows ECOPLAST to make BIO-CRYSTAL to be used in more compact systems, as the specific surface is more higher than the common filling bodies.
  • Today

  • At the moment, ECOPLAST works with a number of companies operating mainly at the public and industrial level using patents, methodologies and know-how of its own. It offers services ranging from design to dimensioning testing to consulting and construction of waste water treatment plants and air and fumes treatment plants. ECOPLAST's strength is to be the only company that manufactures internally all the items present in the catalog, thanks to a production area that counts more than 15 injection mouldingmachines and guarantees its customers the highest standards of performance and quality.