Wind-eco - Fill media for trickling filters


Fill media for trickling filters

WIND-ECO is a modern fill media developed for medium/high-load percolator beds.

General characteristics:
Shape Circolar
Dimension ca. 170 mm
Specific surface ca. 120 mq/mc
Void index Dry Weight
Dry Weight 32 kg/mc
Working Weight ca. 350 kg/mc
Matter Polipropilene isotattico nero

Black isotactic PP has excellent mechanical and chemical work–load properties.

WIND-ECO’s geometry has been developed in order obtain extensive wet surface bed compared to their volume.
WIND-ECO allows therefore hydraulic surfaced loads. The height permeability and strong hydraulic applicable load minimize any risk of stoppage of the bed, even in case of high specific organic load.
isotactic PP is a polymer with excellent chemical and mechanical characteristics.
the material employed and the geometry of WIND-ECO grant a high compression resistance. In bed-heights up to 6 meters, the most compressed layers undergo a deformation lower than 1-2%.

WIND-ECO is an enhanced fill media compared to traditional fillers.

  • Specific surface
    surfaced is now doubled, at least +100%.
  • Permeability
    expressed in terms of void index, plus +70%
  • Weight
    -80% circa and low values can be obtained, around 15-20% of the clinging bio-mas.
    WIND-ECO works with high specific organic loads. Up to 2-5 kg BOT5 applied/CM of filling/day against a limit of circa 0,6Kg/CM/day of the traditional percolators.
    WIND-ECO’s performance is comparable to taut fillers.
  • Sewage has to be clarified and homogenized.
  • Decantation prior to effluent recycle.
  • Incoming sewage concentration of circa 2-7Kg BOD5/CM of filling admitted.
    It is good practice to recycle in order to obtain the correct surface load. IncomingsewageBOD5isrelated toBOD5requestedbytheeffluentwith optimum value of 250mg/l. (except first stage percolaters).
    This limits are common to taut fillers which are less subject to stoppage thanks to their geometry.

The most effective and widely used work-diagram is the following

(only for household sewage)

WIND-ECO’s BOD5 removal yield depends on the organic load applied. Figura 2 shows the diagram.